Car Rental Dubai Airport – What to Expect

Car Rental Dubai


To You might also be asked to demonstrate a driving license issued from the own country.

Dubai Hand gestures, like the finger, and profanity which might be considered only slightly offensive in which you come from could be considered VERY offensive to locals, so avoid any display of awful behavior. If reported to police, you could be fined or even jailed!


If you are traveling on Highways, never take the extreme left lane. This opens you to the prospect of becoming “flashed” and being railroaded into moving over a single lane.


Don’t hit the street without bringing cash. Certain routes require that you pay a toll.


If There is anything you won’t ever run from in Dubai, it is new things to do and new places to see. Do take the time to take a look at a number of the popular tourist destinations.

Desert Safari – You have never been to this emirate, they say, if you haven’t ever attempted the Desert Safari.
Burj al-Arab Hotel – To get a taste of luxury that’s like no other, take a look at this seven-star hotel. It’s reported to be the only one of its type in the entire world. Do not miss out on this strange but exciting sport. Races are held each winter, on Thursdays and Fridays.


Salik means open or clear. It is Dubai’s digital system for toll collection, and here is how it works.

Salik uses the most innovative technology for automatic operations. To put it differently, you don’t need to pass through a toll booth or handle a toll collector.

Whenever locals pass through a Salik toll stage, toll amounting to AED 4 is removed their toll account.

Automated cost reduction is possible due to advanced RFID technology.

If you are driving a car rental in Dubai airport, the company that owns your car generally provides the Salik tag. When you return the vehicle, that’s the time when you’ll be asked to cover all of the toll fees billed to the label.

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