Choosing Your Ideal Platform Truck

Platform Truck

As the Name indicates platform trucks consist of a key flat bed platform on castors or wheels. The applications of platform trucks (Treppensackkarre) at the office are broad and varied and so, even though there are a few standard models, it’s often true that companies prefer to buy bespoke trucks that are assembled and adapted to best match the particular job they’re needed for. Taking a modular approach can help guide the procedure.

High excellent platform trucks have a solid construction e.g. Steel frame made from a single piece of box section that has been cut and shaped in such a way as to supply no potentially harmful sharp corners or mitred edges. Companies which utilize single side laser cutting for truck manufacture may create frames of this sort. Concerning dimensions, platform trucks often vary from 500mm wide and 600mm long upward, and carrying capacity ranges from 300kg upwards.

The Carrying surface can be turned into quite different depending on the task in hand. The base can be metal or wood. If the trolley is necessary to carry long spans of substances racks can be added to help support them, and when safety is crucial to the aim of the truck a safety cage could be added.

A Premium quality bespoke platform truck may have added.

The Essential size and type of wheels to your platform truck Depend on the nature of the surfaces which the truck is very likely to be used on, and the weight of these materials to be hauled. An effective braking system for this sort of truck is the same method as an airport trolley i.e. the deadman steering where pushing the handle down releases the brake.
Suppliers also supply several extras and sundries for your trucks e.g. Waterproof covers or safety covers.

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