Different Types of Exhibition Stands

Display Stands

The Main reasons for displaying any sort of exhibition is to build brand awareness and market products or services to your prospective clients and customers. You want to draw potential clients that are considering purchasing or taking your services so that it’s important to have an exhibition stand which will achieve these aims.

1 way of doing As a foundation, there are a large assortment of shapes and styles of racks to pick from. Here are a few of the most popular rack choices.


Poles And panels are combined to create an appealing and flexible 3m display stand. Modular exhibitions stands can provide you a complete displaying solution and it is simple to change the background to display your brand or business name with the addition of printable display panels.

May not be the perfect choice for you. If you require easy portability then a specially designed advertisements stand is going to be your very best option. Using a roster banner and a lightweight metal frame you’ll have the ability to easily transport and set up your screen.

These Kinds of racks are a fantastic choice to enhance your exhibition display. If you will need a more affordable display method that takes up less space yet remains helpful in displaying your merchandise then this might be the ideal option.


Island Stands don’t have any walls and are centrally situated in a exhibition. In case you have enough space then it is possible to design some terrific island racks that feature displays on all sides as well as build up so individuals from fair away know where to locate your exhibition.

All of These stands may also be altered to make custom exhibition stands of Any size and shape to make whatever sort of stand which you can imagine.

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