Nigeria – A Mere Geographical Expression


Nigeria Is a paradox to several including its very own citizens.
Of Nigeria was famously quoted as speaking to Nigeria “as a mere geographic expression”.

This announcement said in relation to the Amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria from the British Colonialist without adequate preparation for a unified national goal and purpose has become the albatross of Nigeria.

From The dawn of liberty, the mutually suspicious cultural groups have carried on, in absolute disregard into a cohesive and concentrated federal construction. The situation is comparable to a polygamous household, where the kids are and brutally trying to find the ownership of the dad properties and their sole citizenship would be to their sisters or brothers from precisely the exact same mother.

Nowadays, a nation richly Blessed with natural sources such as Oil (the first time exporter of petroleum internationally), gold, tin, diamond, is now importing fuel to the ingestion of its 150 million people.

A sad commentary into a supposedly wealthy nation.

The Giant Nigeria has grown up and it has turned into a terror for its citizens. Having increased to a gigantic dimensions, its quickly gobbling up the objectives and ambitions of its citizens and cultural groups. Like feeding of its is your surest way to keep and increase its own humongous size.

No The seed of Religious strife sown from the politicians to their selfish political Fires of spiritual disasters. You can read full dauly updates Nigeria news on naija news.